• 01 On January 21, 2021, plaintiffs in Northern California filed a Class Action Complaint alleging Subway fraudulently sold tuna sandwiches which did not contain 100% tuna.
  • 02 Over 65 legal events have occurred since the initial filing. Key events are given in the timeline below.
  • 03 This case study explores the media and public response to the judge allowing the fake tuna lawsuit to proceed.

The Event Timeline

Initial Class Action Complaint
filed by Plaintiffs

Motion to Dismiss
filed by Subway

Amended Complaint
filed by Plaintiffs

Order Denying in part the Motion to Dismiss

  • 01 Peak public reactions occured 1 day after peak news coverage (5 days after judgement)
  • 02 Incident had a global impact with most reactions occurring in Eastern US metro areas
  • 03 Mixed sentiment response (60% positive / 40% negative) with subway loyalists and net promoters generally more vocal
  • 04 Top reactions include jokes at Subway's expense

Global Conversations

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Volume of Reactions by Date

Reaction Sentiment Distribution

Positive Reactions

Negative Reactions

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Top Positive/Negative Reaction Posts

Subway's Response

  • 01 Subway is standing firm in their position that their tuna sandwiches are made with real tuna.
  • 02 Subway has created a dedicated "Tuna Facts" website.
  • 03 The website ranked 1 on Google Search results throughout the months of July - September, implying Subway dedicated considerable marketing expense.
  • 04 Subway has changed legal counsel and responded to the Third Amended Complaint on 8/11/22.

Response to the Third Amended Complaint

Subway’s Official Response PR Campaign, Website

Plaintiffs Response


  • 01 Plaintiff Amin filed a Third Amended Complaint on 7/28/22, correcting deficiencies in the previous complaint, including the removal of plaintiff Dhanowa.
  • 02 Amin is proceeding with her lawsuit and demanding a jury trial.

Public's Response

  • 01 Average daily reactions to the incident have dropped by 95% from the peak on 7/12/22
  • 02 Most reactions express a belief in the allegations, even though they may not care about them.

Recent Reactions

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