Competitor Analysis

A worthy competitor will never remain a stationary target – stay ahead of your competition by monitoring new developments and dynamically assessing strength, weakness, opportunity and threat profiles.

Brand Intel Competition Insights

Track competitor brands, products, services, key public figures, and influencers

Brand Intel allows you to assess your competition across all facets of their business. Monitor across geographies and languages with built-in geospatial identification and inline translation tools.

Benchmark your performance

How does your latest campaign performance compare to your competitors’? Brand Intel allows you to gather critical ad performance data outside of your own brand accounts.
Brand Intel Competition Insights
Brand Intel Competition Insights

Analyze customer feedback

Cut through the media and marketing noise by listening directly to the consumer. Find out exactly how the public perception of your offering compares to your competition. Identify their unhappy customers as new prospects and retarget them with insightful messaging.

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