Monitor the global conversation, navigate diverse platforms, forecast brand threats, identify new market opportunities

What is Brand Intel

Brand Intel is a social intelligence platform, extracting valuable brand insights across the global web of social and traditional media channels. By integrating hundreds of real time data sources into an interactive web platform and enrichment API, Brand Intel enables companies to

  • Manage and protect Brand Reputation.
  • Understand and engage with a dynamic customer base.
  • Stay ahead of the curve with built-in competitive analysis tools.

How It Works


  • Aggregate global brand conversations
  • Stratify by media type, audience, location, language
  • Track topics, products, and campaigns over time
  • Integrate legal and financial feeds


  • Monitor sentiment across brands, products & services, competitors and customers
  • Identify key customer segments, events and influencers
  • Deploy AI models to flag important posts, identify bots, and monitor brand risk
How It WorksHow It Works


  • Map trends unfolding geographically
  • Explore evolving product and brand themes
  • Track key events and news alerts and measure campaign impact
  • Drill-down within specific segments: customer subgroups, influencers, competitors, products, vendors, and more!


  • Tune your messaging for effective engagement campaigns to boost customer loyalty
  • Mitigate reputational risk through early-warning threat detection
  • Share key events and insights across the organization


Advanced Social Listening

Advanced social listening

Make sense of global conversations across any platform, format, or language. Go beyond social by building advanced queries across media, business, and legal search channels.

Trend Recognition

Automated issue tracking and trend recognition

Near real-time updates keep you at the forefront of important events and discussions. AI-enhanced classifications identify trends within the noise.

Dynamic Visualizations

Dynamic visualizations

Explore complex relationships across products, customers, employees, competitors and more. Track brand impact across geomaps, timelines, treemaps and more.



Supercharged marketing KPIs

Supercharged marketing KPIs

Leverage global or local trends and cross-channel events to drive more effective marketing campaigns. Improve messaging, audience targeting, and omnichannel customer experiences to increase conversions.

Low-cost -> High ROI

Low-cost -> High ROI

Brand Intel’s low-cost self-serve entry plans allow you to explore social listening benefits without committing to expensive, long-term contracts.

Audience Insights

Unprecedented audience insights

Apply your enhanced customer understanding for direct benefits: measure impact, identify needs, increase loyalty, prevent customer churn.

Product Development

Improved product development

Build, adapt, and tune products based upon both direct and indirect customer feedback. Utilize social channels as powerful data assets in new AI initiatives.

Brand Strategy

Informed brand strategy

Survey a global audience to improve market research and competitive analysis. Maintain market relevance and build upon your competitive advantage.

Active Risk Management

Active risk management

Assess brand reputational risks as they develop across the public domain. Deploy data-driven mitigation strategies to protect your organization.

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