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Advanced social listening

Advanced Social Listening

Extracting information from over 75,000 sources in many languages and formats can seem daunting and overwhelming. However, Brand Intel’s combination of search, extraction, scoring, and visualization tools allow you to effectively make sense of the winds blowing across the media landscape.

Brand Intel’s advanced social listening suite, Listen, allows you to capture and derive insights that deliver value across your organization. Listen supports direct connections to data sources beyond traditional social media. Query and track key terms across thousands of news sources through our aggregators or go deeper into business filings and legal source channels to mine within detailed, unpublicized corporate information.

Use our customizable lexicons to further score, refine and filter data streams captured by your topic or account trackers. This can include multilingual sentiment scoring, relevancy scoring, or applying your own custom set of terms to identify key accounts or posts.

Automated issue tracking and trend recognition

Sometimes critical issues may develop outside the scope of your social radar. You may not know what account to follow, topic to search, or keyword to extract. During highly dynamic and fast-paced news events, problems may go viral well before they hit your mobile.

Brand Intel has developed automated tools to keep you ahead of these viral cycles. Whether you would like to solve a problem early on or leverage the viral wave to amplify your messaging, Brand Intel can help you identify key topics before they explode into missed opportunities. Our AI-enhanced classifications can provide early warning to spot trends within the chaos of the media storm.

Trend Recognition

Dynamic visualizations

Dynamic Visualizations

Without proper plots, analytics, and visualizations, listening to global conversations can sound a lot like noise. Brand Intel’s proprietary classifications and tagging system keeps your extracted data organized into clear, intuitive categories. These include tagging data by product, customer, employee, competitor and more.

Categorized data means you can filter out the noise and easily explore complex relationships and events within your custom dashboard. Amongst other charts, your dashboard includes:

  • Treemaps, to identify emerging themes within your customer base
  • The interactive geomap, so you can explore issues across towns, cities, states, countries or other spatial boundaries
  • The timeline tracker, to monitor product, competitor, employee or brand sentiment over time

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