About Us

A social listening and brand intelligence platform

What is Brand Intel?

Brand Intel is a social listening and brand intelligence platform developed by Rule 14 LLC. By incorporating knowledge gained over a decade of social and traditional media analytics projects, across both the public and private sector, the team at Rule14 has packaged a set of powerful features and workflows into a low-cost, easily accessible platform for businesses of all sizes.

While most other solutions focus exclusively on scheduling posts and managing profiles across a handful of social platforms, Brand Intel’s expertise lies in its ability to harvest information and extract insights from over 75,000 source connections.

About Us

Who should use Brand Intel?

Not merely for social marketers, Brand Intel’s set of social intelligence tools can aid executives looking to manage their brand reputation, development teams seeking to refine products, as well as the rest of the marketing and PR departments in improving customer experience across channels and touchpoints.

Whether you are a seasoned social media expert or just getting started, Brand Intel provides tools to help you effectively gather, analyze, and take actions to advance your brand or cause.

For folks interested in more advanced solutions including customized AI models, ad hoc integrations, or new workflows, Brand Intel offers tailored engagements supported by a team of data scientists, designers, engineers, and managers. Contact us to learn more.

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