Brand Management

Monitor the global conversation and take charge of the narrative to amplify positive brand messaging. Protect against brand reputation threats by discovering and addressing issues early in the social cycle.

Brand Intel Brand Management

Reputational risk protection

Your brand reputation may be your most important asset – stay proactive in defending it against competitive threats and all sources of negative publicity. Brand Intel allows you to easily monitor social and news media feeds, review sites, and discussion forums for brand and product mentions within one tool. Track brand sentiment over time and set alerts for noteworthy changes or unapproved brand usage. Empower your communications strategies with real-time reports for relevant, informed messaging.

Global customer insights

Leverage the power of your collective customer base to increase marketing exposure, discover product opportunities, and target new prospects. Brand Intel’s customer insights module allows you to easily aggregate customer feedback across platforms and demographics. Enhance your existing customer data with social and demographic enrichments for further customer segmentation and understanding.
Brand Intel Brand Management
Brand Intel Brand Management

Active trend monitoring

Don’t spend your day scrolling & clicking, copy & pasting – Brand Intel’s automation suite allows you to automatically track key accounts, topics, events, and influencers across the media landscape. Build multiple projects to monitor high-level industry trends down to specific product or service group-level movements. Easily generate weekly trend reports and send automatically to key individuals in your organization.

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