Dark Web Monitoring

Search beyond the visible web and protect your critical business assets with proactive monitoring and threat intelligence tools.

Brand Intel Dark Web

Dark web scanning

Criminal activity on the Dark Web is a 24x7 global operation. Hacking forums, leak sites, ransomware groups and illegal marketplaces are dynamic: constantly changing their digital locations and flourishing under the cover of anonymity. Guard your business, your reputation, and your employees from what could be found on the dark web by having the ability to search and be alerted when business risks are detected.

Digital Asset Protection

Company digital assets, including databases, servers, banking transactions, customer and employee personal information are a hot target for online assailants. This information can be vast and spread over a variety of legacy systems and security levels. Brand Intel’s Digital Risk Protection Services can help you identify and monitor exposed at-risk assets. Protect your critical data before it becomes used against you.
Brand Intel Dark Web
Brand Intel Dark Web

Dark Web Threat Intelligence Services

Compromised assets can assume many forms: from being tools of ransom, to being sold to the highest bidder on dark web marketplaces, to being used to takeover both public and private business accounts. Brand Intel’s Threat Intelligence services provide 24x7 fake account and account takeover detection, so you can be alerted the moment any account is compromised. Additionally, our exploit tracking and leak monitoring feeds can be directly sent to your IT security teams, to ensure they are up to date with the latest threats and breaches.

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