Market Research

Dig deeper and turn reports faster with Brand Intel’s comprehensive resource coverage and automated reporting tools.

Brand Intel Market Research

Aggregate industry and customer data across 80,000 sources

Layer financial data, legal filings, media articles, and social data for a full 360-degree view of any event, topic, account or issue. Most social listening platforms stop at social or news; don’t let their shortcomings stop you from building a comprehensive view.

Break through all paywalls

No need to manage multiple subscriptions and paid accounts across data sources. Simplify your data collection with a single point of access to public and proprietary information. Leverage Brand Intel’s Listen API for programmatic access to bulk data feeds.
Brand Intel Market Research
Brand Intel Market Research

Custom reporting

No two research projects are exactly the same – Brand Intel offers configurable reporting tools to allow you to easily create multiple report types for different purposes. Identify key trends, market growth or contraction areas to assist with business planning ongoing strategy.

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